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Create a 3-billion Japanese Yen business annually in Asia

3 main points on how Japanese skincare & e-commerce
businesses succeed from Taiwan to other countries:

・Why base business in Taiwan (determining factor: an average person's contribution to e-commerce)

・Successful cases from Taiwan (3 phases)

・Roadmap to expanding business to other countries - which country is business most likely to succeed in other than Taiwan?

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Average age of employees

Employees born between 1991-2000


(Average 25.8 years old)

Employees born between 1981-1990


(Average 33.26 years old)

Employees born between 1971-1980


(Average 44.3 years old)

Male to female ratio
At STAR TO ASIA, the proportion of female employees accounts for more than half of the total number of employees,
and many of them work actively as managers.
Many of our employees are married and have children.
We create an environment that allows our employees to work flexibly according to their different life stages.
Nationality of employees
With the vision of "Change the World with Directing Marketing",
we aim to expand our service to countries around the world and we look forward to increase more
and more co-workers from various countries in the future.
Number of companies under parent company
Group Vision: "To create an entrepreneur and startup the company as the top of the world.
STAR TO ASIA is "creating a corporate group with only entrepreneurs." - one of Findstar group's company.

As an entrepreneur, Naito believes that as long as we create a system that is low-risk and can increase the
successfulness of entrepreneurship,many outstanding young people will be willing to challenge entrepreneurship.

Findstar Group was established based on this belief.
None of the companies within the Findstar Group has experienced bankruptcy since establishment.

Almost all the groups have exceeded NTD 100 million in turnover.
In addition, four group companies have achieved a net profit of NTD 100 million.
Annual vacation days usage
At STAR TO ASIA, in addition to the required number of paid vacation days by law,
there is also a special leave system based on the needs of our employees.

Based on the corporate philosophy of "making everybody happy,"
we offer employees to spend their wedding anniversary day off.

or if arrange vacations together for other purposes,
such as a fully rest both physically and mentally.

・ Summer vacation (two days)
・ Birthday Holiday (given one year after joining the company)
・ Refresh vacation (five days a year after joining the company for 1.5 years)
・ Wedding anniversary holiday (limited to married persons)
Management Philosophy - Based on Values
STAR TO AISA operates based on business philosophy.

With the goal of "dedication to customers", we provide services to allow our clients to succeed in their businesses.

For this reason, we recruit employees based on our company values.

Rather than focusing on experience, skills, and academic qualifications, we look for potential candidates who fit with our company values and share the same passion and goals.
STAR TO ASIA has a corporate culture and belief that everyone creates the company together.
For opinions or proposals made under the business improvement system on the premise of creating a better workplace environment, project-based operations and management are carried out when applicable.
This part is composed of members who are publicly recruited and gathered, also actively conduct the interaction of cross-departmental at the same time.

< Projects>
Responsible for playing BGM in the company,
so that everyone can work in a relaxed and pleasant environment.
The playlists are carefully selected and run in a logical order.

★Event PJ
Plans and hosts bi-monthly general social activities, including semi-annual company conference.
Average monthly social expenses
At STAR TO ASIA, the way of communication is not the traditional top to bottom method, but rather bottom to top, to establish better mutual trust.

Starting from the idea that "trust relationship is proportional to the amount of communication and interaction", regular interaction between employees are carried out.

The internal employee cohesion is improved through the various inter-departmental communication and cultural exchange opportunities.

<An example of communication system>
・Bi-monthly social activities
・Cross-department dinner parties (once a month)
・Regular dinner parties for each project
Number of business improvement proposals
STAR TO ASIA's culture is to value the voice of every employee.
A business improvement system was established based on the idea of "for a better working environment".
Most of the new systems and rules in the company have been created according to the everyday needs of our employees.

<Examples business organization improvements based on the voices of our employees>
・ Paid birthday holiday
  ・ Paid wedding anniversary holiday
・ Referral system
・ Tuition assistance for out-of-house lectures
・ Financial support for club events
A culture of showing gratitude for one another/ Thank You Card
Our Thank You Card system refers to the handwritten cards made by colleagues to express gratitude and compliment each other.

By displaying the gratitude in a visual form, the purpose of expressing thanks to well-deserved colleagues can be achieved.

Feeling the gratitude helps increase motivation for work.
Work recognition culture
Each month, each department select MVP members of the month and recognize their achievement at the weekly company meeting.

The half-term MVP, BeSTAR Award, and New Employee Award are also selected and recognized at the regular will also be praised in the semi-annual company conference.

Through this recognition, we build a culture to compliment those who actively participate and make outstanding contribution to the company.
Training system
To enrich members' knowledge and know-how in this field,
at STAR TO ASIA, we regularly hold educational lectures as well as hire guest speakers to provide seminars.

・New employee orientation (led by senior members)
・Product USP study sessions
・Social media advertisement operation study sessions
・BeSTAR training (company core value training)
・Regular manager training & training camp (every three months)
・STA Library
・Skill Map, etc.
・We do not discriminate one another based on citizenship.
・ We do not discriminate one another based on gender.
・ We support and provide flexible work options to match needs of our employees in every stage of their life.

At STAR TO ASIA, we aim to provide to an inclusive environment for our employees, regardless of their gender and background.
Whether one is married, have children, or have other needs, we provide a flexible work environment.
Sales Consultant

Job Description

Sales consultants offer consulting services tailored to clients' needs
such as sales strategy, media proposals, and repeat purchase marketing plans for
mail-order sales among major cosmetics and health foods manufacturers.

As the company's main contact representative, they also play an important role in
building a trust relationship with clients.


・Business planning, media proposals,creative strategy planning
・Conversion measures,LTV improvement measures
・Advertisement performance analysis and report


☆Japanese ability: Level A (Business)
☆High communication skills, team spirit

Good to have skills

☆Experience in marketing/consulting or sales
Creative Director

Job Description

Creative directors design communicating methods between clients and their customers (consumers).

They build a connection with customers from various perspectives such as market research, customer interviews,
target audience setting, positioning, copywriting, creative production and direction.


・Market research, creative strategy planning
・Advertising planning proposal, advertising production, project management
・Analysis of advertising results and data, PDCA for creative improvements


☆Japanese ability: Level A (Business)
☆High communication skills, team spirit
Creative Designer

Job Description

Creative designers brainstorm and design advertisements and webpages that take clients' products,
appeal points,and intentions into consideration by combining shapes, photographs, and layouts.

It is required to have the ability to incorporate different perspectives from clients and users (consumers)
into the design.

Therefore, communication skills such as understanding clients' intentions, discussing with them, and making
suggestions are as important as designing skills.
As the web and advertising industries change rapidly, the ability to constantly absorb new information and
brainstorm new ideas is required.


☆Skilled in Illustrator/Photoshop

Good to have skills

☆Japanese ability: Level B (Conversational)
☆Coding skills
☆More than one year of working experience
Media/Ad Operator

Job Description

Media/ad operators are in charge of improving advertising performance through the use
of social media, by posting advertising materials created by the creative department,
as well as reporting and carrying out PDCA based on user reactions.


・Web advertising operation, advertising performance analysis, improvement proposals
・Communication with media agency, price negotiation
・New media/menu development


☆Japanese ability: Level B (Conversational)

Good to have skills

☆Experience in advertising operations on digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, and LINE
☆Experience in operating advertising materials and copywriting in the above mentioned media (experience in advertising operation is not required)
Creative Director/Designer

Job Description

Creative directors/designers work on communication between clients and their customers (consumers).

They build a connection with customers from various perspectives such as market research,
customer interviews, target audience setting, positioning, copywriting, creative production,
and direction.


・Market research, creative strategy planning
・Advertisement plan proposal, advertisement production, project management/adjustment
・Analysis of advertising results and data, creative improvements


☆Japanese ability: Level A (Business)
☆High communication skills, team spirit
☆Skilled in Illustrator/Photoshop

Good to have skills

☆Coding skills
☆More than one year of working experience

Job Description

Translation planners are responsible of checking ingredients and handling import application prior to entering the Taiwanese market.

At the same time, they help translate advertisement content, co-operate with multi-ad
performance development plans, and work on creating attracting articles suitable for the product and follows advertising regulations.


☆Japanese ability: Level A (Business)
☆High communication skills, team spirit

Good to have skills

☆Experience in translation/interpretation
☆Experience in import application
Total Marketing Planner

Job Description

● Product development
● Planning (data registration, shipping, returns, refunds)
● Advertising management and analysis (web/TV ads)
● Import/export management, packing, shipping
● Responsible for the logistics and customer service support management
● Overall understanding of EC business
● Customer support center, advertising, customs declaration, accounting support


☆ Japanese ability: Level B
(able to communicate with the Japanese supervisor to report on the progress)

Good to have skills

☆ Experience in market research and consulting
☆ Work experience in sales and related activities

Job Description

Accounts are responsible for bookkeeping and necessary accounting practices as needed.

Should any problems arise, accountants will promptly report to the relevant parties. If there are any changes,
finance-wise, they will report to the relevant parties. They will be responsible for communicating with
managers, tax accountants, employees, etc.

Therefore, expertise in accounting, finance, and excellent communication skills are required.


・Deposit/withdrawal management, deposit confirmation
・Expense calculation
・Petty cash management
・Preparation of company documents (reports, meeting materials, etc.)
・Slip processing and management
・Accounts receivable/payable management
・Contract document management

Good to have skills

☆Experience in accounting (at least 3 years or more) or work experience at a Japanese accounting company
☆Japanese ability: Level B or higher
(able to communicate with the Japanese supervisor and group companies in Japan)
HR & GA staff

Job Description

HR focuses on "people" and GA focuses on "objects" to make the most of them among various management resources.

In order to create an organization where employees can fully demonstrate their abilities, the team has to balance both the structural aspects such as welfare programs and personnel evaluation system, and the intangible aspects that connect employees and the company's ideal achievement.
The goal is to maintain the optimum balance between these two aspects according to the company's direction and the state of the organization.


・Recruitment (including communication with HR companies)
・Education and training
・Design and improve assessment/evaluation system
・Implement and improve personnel regulations and welfare system in accordance to the Labor Standards Act
・Carry out PDCA for data analysis, improvement, and implementation for the organization and employees
・Communicate with employees and managers
・Attendance management, payroll calculation, labor management
・Company asset management, business trip arrangements, equipment management


☆ Japanese ability: Level A (Business)

Good to have skills

☆General work experience
☆Experience in corporate PR activities and/or previous worked as a project leader
Internships & part-timers

Job Description (Example)

・ Marketing Assistant Sales assist in responding to e-mails and/or translation for full-time employees in the Sales Department,Creative Department, Media Department, or Administration Division Create and update data and management files

Working Hours

More than 2 days a week or minimum 16 hours a week
Training period: 6 months / 12 months


☆Japanese and Chinese ability: Conversational level

Good to have skills

☆Design skills
☆Chinese-Japanese translation/interpretation skills
☆Accounting Knowledge
*Please describe your motivation and your available working hours in your resume.

Data Privacy

During the recruitment process, you may be asked to disclose personal information.

STAR TO ASIA CO., LTD will handle and process your personal information in the following ways.

By signing here, you have read and agreed to the data privacy terms and conditions.

In addition, if you do not agree or have questions about the content,please address your concerns and/or comments to the responsible hiring employee.

During the recruitment process, you may be asked to disclose personal information.

STAR TO ASIA CO., LTD will use the disclosed personal information in the follow ways.

By signing here, you have read and agreed to the data privacy terms and conditions.

Should you have any questions regarding data protection and/or do not agree with the company's use of personal data, please contact STAR TO ASIA's Human Resources Department.

① To contact applicant
② For recruitment and applicant selection purposes

<In case of being hired>
③ Business liaison, preparation of employee roster, situations in which personal information is required by laws and regulations (including after the person has resigned), other matters related to employment management, etc.
④ Personnel selection, allocation, transfer, and dispatch decisions.
⑤ Salary payment, tax processing, social insurance-related procedures, and the provision of company benefits.
⑥ The company may provide employees' personal information of employees for the purpose of recruitment activities
⑦ Appropriate health management.

[Provided to a third party]
Except for situations where personal data is required to be provided by laws and regulations, the company will not provide personal data to third parties without the consent of employees.

Within the scope of the aforementioned purpose of use, the company may appoint other personal data managers to manage all or part of the employees' personal data.
In order to ensure that the personal data of the company's employees are safe and properly kept, the company will indeed fulfill the responsibility of reviewing and supervising personal data managers.

[Common use]
Regarding parts of the personal data provided by the employees, it will be used jointly with the companies of the group to which the company belongs. The following are the matters and scope of common use:

① Purpose of common use
When dispatched to the group company for long-term business operations, it is necessary to handle the related matters involved in the necessary procedures for the management of employees of the group company in which it belongs to.

② Items used
Name, address, telephone number, emergency contact point, and other personal data involved in the scope of item ①.

③ Range of common use
It can only be used within the scope of the purpose of use in item ① by the companies of the company's group.

④ Management responsibility for common use
STAR TO ASIA CO., LTD. assumes the responsibility for joint management.

[Arbitrariness to provide personal information]
Employees can freely decide whether to provide their personal data, and the company will not play a role in influencing their decision.
However, when employees do not provide personal information, which affects their rights or benefits in the company or other affiliated group companies,the company will not be responsible to provide those rights and/or benefits

【Regarding Announcement, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information】
The announcement of personal information about employees is in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of in which the company is lcoated in.
If employees need to correct or delete their personal data, please contact the company's Human Resources Department.

[About abandonment]
In the case that the candidate has not been admitted, or the employee has resigned for 5 years, the company will destroy the relevant resume, personnel information, and other related documents.

★ We pave the way for new things.

Paving the way means trying something that no one else has done yet.
By doing so, we can increase the opportunities and possibilities for the people who follow us, which also leads to our own growth.

★ We aim to be no.1

Taking the lead means thoroughly thinking and carrying out actions in the way leaders do in their work.
By doing so, we can create an environment where there is high trust as well as great human capital,information, and profits.

★ We work in collaboration with our peers.

Cooperating with peers means leveraging each other's areas of expertise,
sharing wisdom, and helping each other.
By doing so, we can get the result of "1 + 1 = 3 or more"

★ We always take action with great speed.

Taking quick action means acting faster beyond others' expectations.
By doing so, we can build a relationship of trust with others.

★ We act with a spirit of justice before profit.

The spirit of justice before profit means the idea of firstly benefiting others and gaining profits later.
By doing so, we can gain the trust of others and build a long-term relationship with them.

★ We value customers' voice.

The voices of customers stand for the information and feedback received directly from customers, end-users,service users, partners, and employees.
By valuing these voices, we can grasp their needs and provide better service.

★ We thoroughly share information.

Information sharing means accurately conveying obtained information to everyone.
By doing this, everyone can get useful information and provide high-quality services.
It also reduces the waste of labor and increases efficiency.

★ We standardize our business and tasks.

Standardization means creating and providing standardized yet high-level work methods.
Such action can help provide high-level service in terms of both quality and quantity, which leads to improve productivity and
market expansion.

★ We keep improving day by day.

As there is always room for improvement, learn from mistakes and make improvements, even if they are small,they are still important.
Then we can produce great results eventually.
It also contributes to create strong human resources and organizations that can respond to changes in the world.

★ We act with cost-consciousness.

Having cost-consciousness means not spending extra time and money than necessary.
By doing so, it leads to operational efficiency and contributes profit.

★ We love to challenge

To challenge means to work on something unfamiliar.
By doing so, we can learn more and achieve immense growth.
In addition, maintaining a challenging spirit also encourages companions
to maximize efforts.

★ We act from others' standpoint.

Thinking and taking actions from others' standpoint means considering about what makes the others happy.
By doing so, we can have effective communication, work smoothly, and build a deep trusty relationship.

★ We act with a sense of purpose.

Having a sense of purpose means thinking about what do we do that for?
By acting so, we can clarify what is needed to be done, then select and
prioritize actions and work quickly with high quality.

★ We find fun in all of our work.

If we find fun in our work, we can always maintain a positive attitude and create a bright and enjoyable work environment.

★ We do our utmost in doing anything.

Exercising utmost effort means doing our best with all our strength without holding back.
By doing so, we can promote great self-growth as well as inspire and invigorate others.

★ We always greet each other.

Greeting is an act of communication to recognize each other's existence.
Through greeting, we can build a trust relationship and create a lively and enjoyable work environment.

★ We express our gratitude in words.

By expressing our thanks, even for small things, we can build a trust relationship and work comfortably with each other.

★ We learn from others and teach others.

We can gain new knowledge through learning and we can deepen our understanding by teaching others, allowing everybody to grow.

★ We act with a sense of ownership.

Having a sense of ownership means treating all decisions and situations that arise at work with a sense of responsibility, and actively engage in solving the issue at hand.
By doing so, we can increase the sense of unity with those around us and create a strong trusty relationship In addition, raising individual awareness leads to improvement in productivity.
By expanding the range of ownership, we will be able to have a higher perspective, which also leads to our own growth.

★ We act with a sense of responsibility.

Having a sense of responsibility means that we should contribute to solving any problems and improve our own actions.
By doing so, we can prevent similar problems in the future, which also leads to our own growth.