【Member Interview】
Message from the MVP winners in the 5th period second half


STAR TO ASIA not only has a monthly MVP system, but also a company-wide MVP award ceremony that is held every six months at the general meeting. The most active employees in that half-year are awarded there.
The selection criteria are based on multi-faceted evaluations such as the degree of internal and external contribution centered on the philosophy and vision, the degree of active challenges, and the degree of significant growth during the period as well as quantitative achievements.
Here are the two MVP winners for the 5th period second half, selected at the general meeting held in August.
Congratulations on great achievements!

  • Members' MVP: Sarah (on the left)
  • Managements' MVP: Hiroshi (on the right)
Message from the MVP winners in the 5th period second half
Members' MVP: Sarah

I'm very pleased and honored to win the MVP award.
I think that it was not only the efforts I made in this period, but also the accumulation in two years in this department that led to the achievement.
Work is not all fun and games.
I don't have an outstanding ability, and I'm not an excellent person.
The achievement was thanks to the members around me for their cooperation and teaching.
I'm really grateful for the support of various people.
Among them, I want to express my biggest gratitude to Mr. Kanemoto, my boss.
He has been watching over me despite a lot of trouble I had caused over the last two years!

Thank you so much.

Managements' MVP: Hiroshi

First of all, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to each member of the WEB Department who cooperates with me every day.
In management, all members need to agree with the manager and believe in each other. We supported each other and made efforts in work-sharing, so we were able to achieve good results in the end. I think this managements' MVP award is an evaluation of the efforts of the entire team, not just me.
I'd also like to express my gratitude to Masao, who was my boss at the time.
Web advertising is changing rapidly in the market. There's no absolute and accurate answer.
In such an environment, the manager's attitude toward things, thinking skills, and judgment skills are important.
He guided me a lot when I had difficulty.
Also, he trusted me and let me act freely so that I could try what I wanted to do.
I've heard about the culture and values of various companies before, but in reality, they were all like castles in the air. Meanwhile, STAR TO ASIA attaches great importance to this part, so there's a common consciousness among the members. Thanks to that, I have not many problems in communication and direction.
I'll make use of my many experiences so far and use them as a driving force.
Last but not least, I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone in the company.


Of course, they are making efforts on a regular basis as well as this period and they are now indispensable in each department.
We are really glad to have such an employee.
Congratulations again!!

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