STAR TO ASIA Shanghai received Tmall Global's 5-star TP rating



July 17, 2020

STAR TO ASIA Shanghai received a 5-star TP rating
in Tmall Global in the 2020 3rd period

STAR TO ASIA Shanghai CO.,LTD (Branch: 2119, Floor 21, SOHO Donghai Plaza, No.299, Tongren Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China, Chairman: Teppei Fujiwara), a Chinese subsidiary of STAR TO ASIA CO.,LTD (Headquarter: Songshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Chairman: Teppei Fujiwara), today announced that it has received the highest 5-star rank in the 2020 3rd period of Alibaba Group's official TP (Tmall Partner) evaluation in the cross-border EC mall "Tmall Global", which has the largest share in China.


■What is Tmall Global?
Tmall Global is one of Alibaba Group's shopping platforms, which was opened in 2014 to meet the growing demand for foreign products among Chinese consumers. It allows brands and retailers outside of China to directly provide products to Chinese consumers and build their brands without having to set up a base in China.
■What is Tmall Global's official TP certification?
It is the official partner certification that is granted to TP operators who operates their stores on Tmall Global. The partner is called TP (Tmall Partner). Certified companies are screened for operational skills three months after the store opening. If they pass the screening, they may be listed in the "Recommended TP" on Tmall Global's TP website. The evaluation takes place once a quarter to rank potential partners. Depending on the situation, they can participate in Tmall Global's study sessions for TP so that they can constantly update the quality as a TP operator.

■Purpose of Tmall Global's TP evaluation system
It is an index for selecting appropriate TP operators when the brand considers opening a store in Tmall Global. The brand side can select TP operators by referring to the listed company name, product category, and evaluation score.

■Scoring method
A comprehensive evaluation is conducted every three months based on the store operation results on Tmall Global, and TP operators worth ranking are selected. The maximum score is 12 points, and operators with 7 points or more are considered to pass. The highest rank is 5 stars.
・7-8 points: 3 stars
・9-10 points: 4 stars
・11-12 points: 5 stars
(*Tmall Global's TP operators who are newly certified within three months of evaluation are excluded from the evaluation, and TP operators who failed the evaluation are not ranked.)




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